Tuesday, May 11, 2010


A very, very important element in Terminals has gone without attention until now. That element being color, of course.

We're super excited to announce Ed Ryzowski as the colorist for Terminals. Ed is one hell of an artist, also working and living here in Canada. He's currently producing great work on the webcomic series Evil Inc.

You can also check out more of Ed's work and updates over at his personal space, Tragically Geek.

I guess we can also let the cat out of the bag, if you haven't clued in already, that Terminals will be brought to you by the incredible Penny Farthing Press.

We love Penny Farthing. We love Ed. We love Rove. We love Ryan. We love all of you. There's just a heaping, writhing, armpit-farting, sweaty pile of self-love going on right now.

The dawn of Terminals is closer than you think.

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