Monday, August 2, 2010

Color Commentary...

Late on updates here on the Terminals Blog, but with good reason. Rove, Ed and I have been working super hard putting the finishing touches on the first issue. The pages look amazing, we couldn't be happier with how the book is turning out.

While we can't give you a concrete release/launch date yet, here's what I can tell you about Terminals:

  • Terminals will begin in September.
  • The initial run of the series will be online, readable for free.
  • New pages will be published every week, multiple pages per week.
  • The entire run is six-issues, each issue clocking in at 22-26 standard-size pages.
  • The series does feature some mild mature content (violence and language, no sex).
  • Team Terminals is not responsible for any spontaneous pregnancies, foot injuries or weight-gain incurred from reading the book.
Stay tuned real soon for an official launch date and website announcement. We can't thank you enough for your interest and support. It's been a long time in the making and we're excited as all hell to finally unleash Terminals.

Until then, here's another little sneak peek, this time with color!

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