Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I know I keep saying 'soon', but this time I mean it. As a show of good faith, here's a panel I've cropped out of a full page from Issue #1, sans colors or letters.

Clarence Charles (aka Bear) – 34, Brown bear, 300lbs. Clarence Charles was a mild-mannered and meek insurance broker, killed in a car wreck. The "company" capitalized on this man, this invisible blip on society's radar by successfully merging his brain with that of a matured Alaskan brown bear. In his new feral form, Clarence has retained as much function that his new body can allow, his memories and language skills – the lack of opposable thumbs the only real disadvantage. Clarence left behind a wife, Susanne.

"...listening to Tom Petty on the freeway one minute, the next, you’re a 300 pound bear with a blood-lust for salmon."

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