Sunday, November 29, 2009


I'm immersed in it today so I can't keep you totally in the dark any more. Though this is not the official synopsis for Terminals, this is the scenario...
Terminals takes place in our reality, in our time. We are bound to our laws of physics and our societal norms.

Since the tail-end of World War II, under orders and supervision of the American Defense Agency, a group of scientists have worked to create the world's first super-heroes. Over 50 years later, the program is successful in creating their first team of 'para-humans'. In an unexpected twist-of-fate, this inaugural team becomes the world's first super-villains instead.

Now, with the safety of countless people in the hands of the most dangerous people alive, one more team is created to stop them... but not without a contingency plan.
Terminals serves as an examination of the super-hero archetype and how it fits in our culture, our community and alongside us as individuals quite literally. It also lets Rove and I unleash a talking 400 pound Alaskan brown bear, a zombie homeless man and a 19th century ghost woman into one comic book.

We had originally written a love story involving a diamond-skinned vampire and an obsessive teenage girl, but someone got to it first...

That's all for now - thanks to everyone for your interest and support. Everything is shaping up wickedly.

Shouldn't be long.

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  1. I'm more than intrigued and looking forward to reading it!